6 tips help you analyze whether to choose a bathtub or a shower cabin

Now most of the bathrooms in houses will be separated from wet and dry area. Some families will choose to use bathtubs as wet areas, and some families will choose to use shower cabins or shower screens as wet areas.

Many people have a longing for the bathtub. After a tiring day, it is very refreshing to take a bath comfortably. Some people have a special liking for the shower cabin, because the shower cabin is convenient and easy to clean.

In short, each of them have their own advantages, so which one should you choose? Bathtubs or shower cabins or shower screens?

Let’s compare and analyze from the following 6 aspects:

1.From the aspect of comfort:

In terms of comfort, choosing a bathtub can immerse the whole body in the water, which is an irresistible temptation for people who like to take a bath, and the bathtub can also satisfy beauty-loving women for skin care, such as taking a milk bath Bath, flower bath, etc., the shower room cannot meet this demand.

2.From the area of the bathroom:

Generally speaking, the area of the bathtub is larger than that of the shower cabin. If the bathroom at home is relatively small, it is recommended to install a shower cabin or a shower screen, which can not only save space, but also effectively prevent water from splashing out and fully separate dry and wet area. If the area of the bathroom is large enough, you can consider installing the shower cabin and the bathtub together to meet the various needs of the family.

3.From the purpose of the bathroom

Some people do not necessarily have only one bathroom in their homes. Some large houses have two bathrooms, one is the guest bathroom and the other is the master bathroom. If it is a guest bathroom, it is more practical to install a shower cabin, because there are more family members who use it, and it will be more hygienic to install a shower cabin. If it is a private bathroom in the bedroom, you can consider installing a bathtub, which is more private.

4.From the family situation

If it is a bathroom where singles or young couples live, installing a bathtub is a better choice, so that there is no need to consider the embarrassment of sharing with others, and the bathtub can also create a very romantic atmosphere. Families with children can also choose to install a bathtub, so that it will be more convenient to bathe their children, and children generally like to play with water, so installing a bathtub can provide a better small entertainment place for children.

5.From the cleaning and maintenance

The bathtub must be cleaned before and after use, and the amount of cleaning is relatively large. If it is not cleaned, it will affect everyone’s health. The cleaning of the shower cabin is much easier than that of the bathtub. On the one hand, the use of the shower cabin is more hygienic than the bathtub, and the cleaning difficulty is relatively small; on the other hand, the shower in the bathtub is the best cleaning tool. In fact, for people who are busy or have less free time, it will be more comfortable to choose a shower cabin.

6.From the water consumption

Under normal circumstances, the water consumption of the bathtub is much larger than that of the shower cabin, and the waiting time is also longer. If there are many family members, the time and water consumption of the bathtub are very distressing. In this kind of situation, it is better to choose shower cabin.

To sum up, bathtubs and shower enclosures have their pros and cons. If you like to take a bath, if conditions permit, it is better to install a bathtub. If you don’t have so much elegance and time, then install a shower cabin or shower    screen. Radishes and greens have their own preferences, and choosing the one that suits you is the best.

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