Beautiful glass screen, you can also have it in your home

You should have seen pictures like this:


The open glass shower screen that only covers half, without the opening and closing doors, is simple and refreshing.

But in real life, many people say that it is easy to splash water and cannot achieve the function of separating dry and wet.

This is the correct way to use it without mastering it.

The correct way to use it is like this:

Our commonly used hand shower, because it is fixed on the wall, is at a slanted downward angle, and the water is sprayed forward.
And everyone is used to standing in a different position, some in the front, some in the back.
If you stand back, you can continue to shoot forward without the water jet hitting your body.

In this way, the flying water column easily crosses our body, splashes on the ground in front of us, and easily splashes out of the shower area.

This kind of glass screen that only blocks the side of our body can play a very small role.

But now in addition to hand showers, overhead showers are becoming more and more popular.

Unlike a hand shower, the water from the overhead shower flows down vertically.

When taking a bath, people must stand directly under the top spray, and the water splash is also centered on the person and splashed evenly.

Compared with the hand shower, this kind of water splash is more of a horizontal splash, while the forward splash is reduced.
There is no shelter in front of the shower area, so it doesn’t affect much.

Therefore, this kind of glass screen that only blocks half is more suitable for families who like overhead showers.
Or, the bathroom is large enough, the shower faces the outside, and the glass screen is placed in front of the shower.

Of course, don’t force yourself to use top spray just to adapt to this screen.
Taking a shower with a top spray will inevitably get your hair wet, unless you are used to wearing a shower cap.
Some people also think that the top spray shower will have a “suffocating feeling”.
But for a topless star like me, the bigger the top, the better.

Most of the current showers are designed with three outlets of top-spray and hand-held faucets.

You can not do the screen first, and deal with it with the installation-free telescopic shower curtain rod and shower curtain.

If the whole family can adapt to the overhead shower, or remove the hand shower every time and use it by hand, it will not be too late to install a glass screen or shower room.

The advantage is of course saving money.

A large part of the price of the shower room is hardware.

The quality of hardware and metal frame determines the use and life of the shower room.

But fixed glass screen, the simplest style, require only a few fixtures that attach to the wall.

Naturally, the price is much cheaper.

So is it good quality?
It also depends on whether the wall fixture is stable or not.
Don’t forget, the common glass doors in our offices and shopping malls are also in the same form, and they often need to be opened and closed.

It is precisely because of the lack of a lot of frames and hardware that it looks more simple and transparent.
In a small bathroom, avoid becoming more “crowded”.

Its shower space is not airtight, no matter whether it reaches the top or not.

There is no stuffiness.

As long as the top is higher than the outlet of the overhead shower.

Its shower space is not airtight, no matter whether it reaches the top or not.

Of course, it also needs regular care and cleaning.

Otherwise, it will be full of scale, dirty for you to see.

Wipe it with a water strip after showering every day, or spray it with anti-scaling spray to keep it clean and bright for a long time.

Who can do this kind of glass screen?

We can offer you such glass screens. Please contact with for more professional information!

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