Hinge & Axis

The shower enclosure’s hinges and axes are used on glass doors of shower enclosures, shower doors, shower screens, etc. They are used to connect the solid glass (fixed glass) and the movable glass (movable glass) for opening and closing.

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Hinge is a two-fold structure made of metal sheets and rotates back and forth around the middle axis. Its characteristic is that it provides a buffering function when the glass door is closed, minimizing the noise when the glass door is closed or opened, and also could give the screen prection.

It is recommended to use stainless steel hinges for shower enclosures,shower cubicles, glass doors, shower screens, glass shower doors, framless shower doors, sliding shower doors, bathroom shower screens ect. The hinges are high in strength and corrosion-resistant.

Room of hinge type shower uses immensity casing to design commonly, the exterior is concise and fluent, be welcomed generally. In a open and shut door shower room, the hinges of the opening and closing hardware are more durable; hinges are more common, and the hinge configuration is more advanced, but they may deform after long-term use. The specific configuration is based on actual needs and shower room design.


The axis is used to rotate the shaft structure that bears bending moment and torque during work. Its appearance is similar to that of hinges, but its structure is simpler than that of hinges. Upper and lower rotating shafts are mostly used in shower rooms.


1, What’s the price to customize?

–The price depends on your custom size, technics, and quantity. You can send us your data file, we make a free design for you.

2, What is the bulk production time and shipping time?

–Bulk goods are about 10 to 20 days. Shipping time is 3-6 business days by express.

3, What is needed when production?

–Pls, send us detailed data, like CAD, we offer free design for you.

4, Can we get free samples?

–Yes, you can. Our samples are free, you just need to pay the shipping cost.

5, What is the order process for getting your custom hinge?

–First, we need to discuss basic information with each other. Such as size, material, quantity, technics, etc. Then our product expert will give you the price and invoice. Then, you can pay. After you pay, we will make the sample for you. After you confirm the sample, we can arrange the bulk production. The production time is about 5 to 15 business days.

Shower Handles Series

As a supplier of shower handles, we provide handles for shower enclosures, shower cubicles, shower cabins, shower rooms, shower screens, bath screens ect. They are installed on the sliding door of the shower room, allowing you to open or close the door easily.

Shower handles are made of many materials, the most common materials are ABS, zinc alloy, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper. They also have different shapes. According to the size and thickness of the shower enclosure or sliding glass door, choosing a handle with the right material and shape can not only make the shower enclosure open and close better, increase safety, but also make the shower room more beautiful as a whole.

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How to choose the right handles for your shower cubicles?

If your shower sliding door is 4mm or 5mm thick, please choose small handles, either ABS or stainless steel, in the shape of door knob handles, or double-hole handles with a hole diameter of about 14cm. This will make it easier for your shower door to slide, and will have a positive effect on the safety and durability of the glass door.

If it is used on a shower screen or a larger shower cubicle or bath screen, a large stainless steel handle would be more suitable. Because their sliding glass door is larger and relatively heavier, choosing a large handle can save you more effort and be safer.

We also offer custom handles for your bathroom, if you have any inquiry or question please feel free to contact with us, will always waiting for you.

Shower Screen Series

The shower screen is a product gradually evolved from the shower enclosure or shower cabin. It includes the multifunctional shower of them, but also gets rid of the shortcomings of the shower room, which is complicated to install, bulky and takes up space. The shower screen can be placed directly on the bathroom floor or on the bathtub.

Shower screens’ gallery

It is an ideal product for modern small residential bathrooms.
Imagine waking up in the morning, walking into the bathroom, and being greeted by a beautifully designed shower screen – this is not only a kind of enjoyment, but also a reflection of a life attitude.

As an indispensable part of modern bathroom design, the shower screen not only provides privacy protection, but also beautifies the space, separates the wet area, and adds practicality and artistic sense to your bathroom space.

Usually the shower screen is decorated in a corner of the bathroom. It has two components. The outer part is a glass partition made of glass, and the inner part is the shower equipment. The bottom is sealed with a waterproof material to ensure the dryness and cleanliness of the bathroom. The internal shower equipment includes waterfalls, top sprays, back sprays, handheld showers, etc.

The shower screen is improved from the shower room, but the shower screen has abandoned the bulky and complicated defects of the shower room, giving people a better bathing experience.

Advantages and disadvantages of shower screen

The advantages of shower screens are very intuitive, and there are four points in general. The first is that the shower screen is an independent bathing space. As we all know, an independent bathing space is very important in the family. If there is no independent shower room, the bathroom will definitely be full of water stains after taking a shower.

Secondly, the shower screen saves a lot of space, which is more advantageous in small-sized families. A fully functional bathroom can be created in just one corner, which is really attractive.

In addition to the spatial advantages, shower screens also have practical advantages. The third advantage is that shower screens are fully functional. They not only have various types of shower heads, but also temperature displays. Compared with ordinary shower heads, shower screens greatly improve the family’s bathing experience.

The last advantage of shower screens is heat preservation. Especially in cold winter weather, shower screens can ensure that heat will not be lost, and the closed and independent bathing space makes people more comfortable.

Shower screens come in a variety of styles and forms. From fully transparent to frosted, from sliding doors to fixed partitions, and even foldable or curved designs, there is everything.

Consider the size of your shower room and your own preferences, and choose a style that coordinates with the decoration style of your bathroom.

Now, are you eager to choose a perfect shower screen to add a touch of beauty to your home? Maybe you already have a favorite brand or style, or you are still confused about how to choose? In either case, please continue to share with us, we are happy to help you answer one by one and work together to create the perfect bathroom in your mind.

Curved Shower Enclosures’ series

Breaking the traditional matrix, the curved shower enclosure is creating a revolution in the bathroom design world with its elegant curves and space-saving functions. Whether your bathroom space is large or small, the curved shower enclosure can bring you an amazing transformation.

Curved shower enclosures’ gallery

The unique design of the curved shower enclosure is not only beautiful, but also can maximize the use of bathroom space, especially suitable for irregular or smaller bathroom spaces. Its streamlined appearance can also add a touch of soft lines to the bathroom space.

The curved shower enclosures means that the shape of the shower enclosure basin is curved, it is divided into fan-shaped shower enclosures, circular arc shower enclosures, long arc, diamond-shaped shower enclosures, pentagonal shower enclosures, round shower enclosures etc.

The curved shower enclosure is a beautiful and soft type. The rounded lines and varied shapes make the space less crowded. The area can be large or small, which can be suitable for bathrooms of different spaces.

The curved shower enclosure glass is made of a unique model, so the thickness of the glass should not be too thick. Most of the circular arcs are 4-6 cm tempered glass. Among them, the curved curved glass is not suitable for non-standard, and can only be made non-standard by lengthening and widening the straight glass size of the curved shower room.

Most users who choose it will be equipped with a suitable chassis, and the curved tempered glass will be more expensive than ordinary flat glass, so the overall cost will be higher. The curved shower enclosure is generally designed with sliding doors to fully save space. Compared with the diamond-shaped shower room with the same side length, the semi-circular one has a higher utilization rate. It is suitable for bathrooms with an area of about 4 square meters, no windowsills near the corners, and no beams and columns. If the bathroom space is small, consider the fan-shaped one.

The size of the arc shower enclosure is generally 800x1000mm or 900x900mm, which can be calculated based on the length (length, width) and height of the arc shower enclosure on both sides of the wall. In terms of comfort, the size of the arc shower enclosure is generally 900mmx900mm, which should not be less than 800mmx800mm according to the situation, and the height should not be less than 1850mm, otherwise you will hit the wall everywhere when showering, which will affect your mood.

How to choose a suitable curved shower enclosure?

Size is one of the determining factors. The right size can ensure the comfort of the shower space without taking up too much peripheral space. In addition, the choice of material is also very important. Generally, curved shower enclosures use tempered glass or acrylic materials, which are not only durable and safe, but also easy to clean.

The location and method of installation also need to be carefully considered. Corner installation can save space, while central installation can serve as a visual focal point. At the same time, the way the door opens – whether it is a sliding door or an open door – will affect the convenience of daily use.

Finally, of course, there is the budget consideration. According to your own financial situation, it is crucial to choose a product that is cost-effective and meets all your needs. Different brands, materials, and design styles will affect the price.

Come and share your curved shower enclosure experience, or if you have any questions, we also happy to answer them for you. Every time you upgrade your bathroom, we want to be the one who helps you light up your ideas!

Square Shower Enclosure Series

A square shower enclosure refers to a shower room that is rectangular or square in shape. They need to be placed in a corner, and the walls at both ends can be used to directly separate the shower area, which can save a lot of budget. Therefore, a good house layout can save a lot of trouble!

Square shower enclosures’ gallery

They are made of materials such as tempered glass, aluminum alloy and stainless steel, and are waterproof, mildew-proof, heat-insulating and wear-resistant.

The square shower enclosures also provides a variety of door opening methods, such as sliding doors, revolving doors and folding doors, making entry and exit more convenient and quick.

A rectangular shower enclosure can make the proportions of the entire shower room space coordinated and relatively spacious to use; a square shower enclosure is generally used in small bathrooms with relatively square shapes, and it is often suitable to reserve a small square space in a corner.

How to choose the right square shower enclosure for your bathroom?

If you don’t choose the right shower room, taking a shower every day will be very awkward and may even pose a safety risk. Today we will talk about what kind of shower room is the most comfortable to use and how to choose the door opening method of the shower room.

Rectangular shower enclosures

If your bathroom is relatively large, you can choose a rectangular shower room with one side measuring more than 1.2 meters, so that you can stretch your arms wide and take a very comfortable shower.

Square shower enclosures

 If your bathroom is small, you can choose a square shower room with a single side size of 80CM or more. In this way, although its length is a little smaller than that of a rectangular shower room, it is still spacious and comfortable.


Shower enclosure with tray

If your bathroom has been renovated and you decide to install a shower enclosure temporarily, you can choose a shower enclosure with a basin, which will not affect the overall aesthetics of the decoration and can also achieve the effect of dry and wet separation. Of course, if you originally intended to install a shower enclosure, a shower room with a basin is also a very good choice.

Sliding shower door

If there are elderly people or children at home, a square shower enclosure without a bottom basin will be a good choice for you. You can also choose a square shower room with sliding doors, which is convenient for getting in and out. If any accident happens, the sliding door can also facilitate rescue.

Swing shower doors

If the reserved area in the bathroom is just suitable for installing a shower room, it is recommended to install a shower enclosure with swing doors to save space. In addition, most bathrooms have a window, and the swing doors can effectively allow air to circulate and reduce the humidity in the bathroom as soon as possible.

Now, are you eager to choose an ideal square shower room for your bathroom? Tell us your choice, if you have any questions, we are here, is happy to help you at any time.

Curved Shower Enclosures’ gallery

Why Our Collection is a Game Changer for Bulk Shower Enclosures Buyers

The simple shower enclosure is different from the overall shower cabin. It is a fashionable shower room with simple structure, independent and concise space and full sense of transparency.

Most simple shower enclosures are made of tempered glass, with aluminum alloy frames and acrylic composite materials or stone bases.

But compared with the shower cabin, it has a relatively independent and simple space, a strong sense of transparency, and does not block the overall tile paving effect of the bathroom. In addition, its price is much more favorable than that of complex products such as the shower cabin, and it has a rich variety of styles, and the shower enclosure can be customized according to the actual situation of the bathroom.

The Rise of Personalized Shower Spaces

The demand for custom shower stalls and enclosures

In modern home design, shower rooms and shower enclosures are not only places to wash the body, but also spaces to show personalized style and elegant life attitude. The demand for customized shower rooms and shower enclosures is growing, which stems from the pursuit of personalization, functionality and aesthetics.

1. Pursuit of personalized design

 Today’s consumers are increasingly placing an emphasis on personalization in their home design, and custom shower enclosures and shower cabins are the perfect way to fit the unique look they want to create. They can choose from a variety of inlay patterns, colors, and materials to express their personal

2. Maximize space utilization

Especially in bathrooms with limited space, custom shower enclosures can be precisely designed according to the size and layout of the room to make full use of every inch of space. For example, for a smaller bathroom, a shower enclosure with a corner entrance can be designed, which saves space and looks beautiful tastes, creating a space that is both comfortable and reflects their lifestyle.

3. Combination of functionality and comfort

 In addition to design and space utilization, consumers also have high requirements for functionality and comfort. Customized shower enclosures can be equipped with multi-functional shower systems, such as rain shower heads, handheld shower heads, massage nozzles, etc., making bathing a pleasure.

4. Material selection

 When customizing a shower enclosure, the choice of materials has a decisive influence on the final user experience. Glass shower rooms usually use safety tempered glass, and different glass treatment effects can be selected, such as frosted, foggy or patterned designs. The hardware accessories of the shower room, such as aluminum alloy or stainless steel, can also provide a variety of style options.

5. Convenience of maintenance and cleaning

 Custom shower enclosures are also designed with long-term maintenance and cleaning in mind. Using easy-to-clean materials and designs can simplify the maintenance process and keep the shower space fresh and hygienic.

Current trends in walk-in shower designs

Walk-in shower enclosures are becoming the new mainstream due to their fashion, simplicity and convenience.

A spacious walk-in shower enclosure without doors not only makes the space look larger by reducing visual obstacles such as glass doors or shower curtains, but also gives the bathing area a freer and more open atmosphere.

Although open design challenges the traditional understanding of privacy, modern design still protects the privacy of users through creative techniques. Translucent glass or smart color-changing glass can provide timely privacy while maintaining a sense of space.

From shower heads to faucets, fixtures are no longer just functional products, their design and material selection represent a lifestyle and aesthetic standards. Materials such as copper, stainless steel or matte black are highly favored in modern design.

The Advantage of Glass Shower Doors

Benefits of using glass in shower doors and panels.

Bathroom shower enclosures are usually made of glass. Glass shower enclosures are not only open and transparent, but also can separate dry and wet areas.

1.Bright natural light

The advantages of glass shower enclosures are that they are open and transparent, can add light, and the glass door does not take up bathroom space. The glass door is a transparent thing, it will not hinder the visual effect of our space, so this is also the main reason why people install glass doors.

2.Easy to clean

 The smooth surface of the glass door is easy to clean. Water spots, soap scum and other common shower stains can be easily wiped off with a simple detergent and a soft cloth, keeping the shower room hygienic and beautiful.


High-quality tempered glass doors are highly durable and are not as susceptible to corrosion from humid environments as other shower doors. They are more durable in the long run and are a worthwhile investment in the long run.


The tempered glass used in modern shower rooms improves safety. Even when hit by hard objects, the tempered glass fragments are granular, minimizing the sharp edges that may cause injury.

 5.Tight closure

Glass doors can be designed to fit very well, providing a good seal that effectively blocks water vapor and water splashing out of the shower room. This closure is very important for keeping other areas of the bathroom dry.

Different types of glass available

Tempered glass: high strength and good safety. Even if it breaks, it will break into small pieces to reduce damage.

Frosted glass: The surface is opaque, providing good privacy while allowing light to filter through.

Artistic glass: Artistic glass or artistic glass creates beautiful patterns or patterns on the glass surface through acid etching, sandblasting, painting and other means, adding an artistic atmosphere to the shower room. This kind of glass is very suitable for spaces that pursue personalized design.

Frameless Shower Screens: An Elegant Choice

Frameless shower screens are becoming increasingly popular in modern bathroom design for their simple, stylish appearance. They bring a sense of spaciousness and transparency to the bathroom by minimizing visual obstruction, meeting both functional needs and emphasizing aesthetic value.

1. The charm of seamless design

 The frameless shower screen abandons the traditional frame structure and adopts a concealed fixing method to achieve an almost completely transparent effect. This design reduces the visual partition of the space and makes the bathroom look more open and bright.

 2. Emphasize the sense of space

 By using a frameless shower screen, you can create a more spacious visual effect even in a small bathroom space. The transparent glass surface allows light to spread freely, enhancing the sense of space.

 3. Easy to clean and maintain

 Compared to traditional framed shower screens, frameless shower screens have fewer corners for dirt and bacteria to accumulate because they have fewer frame structures. This makes them easier to clean and maintain.

 4. Customization

 Frameless shower screens are highly customizable. Whether it is size, shape or glass treatment, they can be adjusted according to the specific bathroom space and personal preferences, providing users with personalized solutions.

Maximizing Space: Corner and Quadrant Enclosures

How corner shower units and quadrant enclosures provide space-saving solutions.

Corner shower enclosures and quadrant enclosures have become the preferred solution for small bathrooms due to their efficient space utilization and modern design. They not only save space but also enhance the beauty and practicality of the bathroom.

Corner location

 Designing the shower enclosure in the corner of the bathroom effectively utilizes the space that is usually ignored. This layout minimizes the occupation of the central activity area, leaving more space in the rest of the bathroom for facilities such as wash basins and toilets.

 Custom Design

Corner shower enclosures and quadrant enclosures can be customized according to the specific size and shape of the bathroom to ensure that they fit the corner perfectly with no wasted space. For example, for narrower spaces, a fan-shaped or triangular shower area can be designed to fit the corner layout.

 Transparent glass door

 Using a clear glass door instead of an opaque shower curtain or wall can visually expand the sense of space. Clear glass allows the view to run through the entire bathroom, avoiding visual obstructions in the shower area and making the space appear more open.

 Storage and utilization

 The wall of the corner shower enclosure and quadrant can be designed as a built-in storage space, such as a shelf or locker, to store bath products and towels, which saves space and is convenient for use.

Walk-In Showers vs. Traditional Stalls: The Changing Market

Comparative analysis of walk-in showers to traditional enclosed stalls

Walk-in showers

1. Open Space: Walk-in showers usually have no doors and can be easily entered in just one step, making the space look more open.

 2. Barrier-free design: This design is particularly suitable for the elderly or people with special needs, as the lack of thresholds reduces the risk of falls.

 3. Modern style: Walk-in showers are often used in modern and minimalist bathroom decoration, giving people a sense of fashion and simplicity.

 4. Easy to Clean: Due to the lack of doors and fewer fixtures, walk-in showers are easier to clean and maintain.

 5. Strong customization: Shower areas of different sizes and shapes can be customized according to the size of the bathroom, with great flexibility in space utilization.

 Enclosed shower stalls

1. High privacy: The enclosed shower room has a door, which can be closed to enjoy a private bathing space.

 2. Good thermal insulation: Since it is closed on all sides, it can maintain temperature better, making bathing in winter more comfortable.

 3. Diverse styles: Different styles can be adopted, and you can find a matching shower room design from classical to modern.

 4. Clear space division: Through clear doors and walls, the enclosed shower room separates the bathing area from other parts, better controlling water vapor and splashing.

 5. Many options: Enclosed shower rooms offer a variety of optional accessories and functions, such as massage water flow, seats, etc.

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A shower cabin is an independent bathing space designed for the bathroom. It is usually composed of a transparent or translucent glass door and a shower wall, and can be installed in any corner of the home bathroom.

This design is intended to provide a private bathing environment, and the shower area is separated from the rest of the bathroom by doors and shower walls to keep the rest of the space dry and tidy.

Shower cabins come in a variety of designs and styles, including:

Sector style of shower cabins, square styles, diamond style, please check the following

Right angle shower cabins, or said squre shower rooms, rectangle shower cabinets.

Fan-shaped shower cabins, or sector style shower rooms,it can be with or without the accessories.

High tray of the rectangle shower cabins

High tray of the sector shower cabins

And according to the function of the shower room door, it can be divided into: hinge type, shaft type, hanging wheel type, sliding door type and walk-in type.

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