Curved Shower Enclosures’ series

Breaking the traditional matrix, the curved shower enclosure is creating a revolution in the bathroom design world with its elegant curves and space-saving functions. Whether your bathroom space is large or small, the curved shower enclosure can bring you an amazing transformation.

Curved shower enclosures’ gallery

The unique design of the curved shower enclosure is not only beautiful, but also can maximize the use of bathroom space, especially suitable for irregular or smaller bathroom spaces. Its streamlined appearance can also add a touch of soft lines to the bathroom space.

The curved shower enclosures means that the shape of the shower enclosure basin is curved, it is divided into fan-shaped shower enclosures, circular arc shower enclosures, long arc, diamond-shaped shower enclosures, pentagonal shower enclosures, round shower enclosures etc.

The curved shower enclosure is a beautiful and soft type. The rounded lines and varied shapes make the space less crowded. The area can be large or small, which can be suitable for bathrooms of different spaces.

The curved shower enclosure glass is made of a unique model, so the thickness of the glass should not be too thick. Most of the circular arcs are 4-6 cm tempered glass. Among them, the curved curved glass is not suitable for non-standard, and can only be made non-standard by lengthening and widening the straight glass size of the curved shower room.

Most users who choose it will be equipped with a suitable chassis, and the curved tempered glass will be more expensive than ordinary flat glass, so the overall cost will be higher. The curved shower enclosure is generally designed with sliding doors to fully save space. Compared with the diamond-shaped shower room with the same side length, the semi-circular one has a higher utilization rate. It is suitable for bathrooms with an area of about 4 square meters, no windowsills near the corners, and no beams and columns. If the bathroom space is small, consider the fan-shaped one.

The size of the arc shower enclosure is generally 800x1000mm or 900x900mm, which can be calculated based on the length (length, width) and height of the arc shower enclosure on both sides of the wall. In terms of comfort, the size of the arc shower enclosure is generally 900mmx900mm, which should not be less than 800mmx800mm according to the situation, and the height should not be less than 1850mm, otherwise you will hit the wall everywhere when showering, which will affect your mood.

How to choose a suitable curved shower enclosure?

Size is one of the determining factors. The right size can ensure the comfort of the shower space without taking up too much peripheral space. In addition, the choice of material is also very important. Generally, curved shower enclosures use tempered glass or acrylic materials, which are not only durable and safe, but also easy to clean.

The location and method of installation also need to be carefully considered. Corner installation can save space, while central installation can serve as a visual focal point. At the same time, the way the door opens – whether it is a sliding door or an open door – will affect the convenience of daily use.

Finally, of course, there is the budget consideration. According to your own financial situation, it is crucial to choose a product that is cost-effective and meets all your needs. Different brands, materials, and design styles will affect the price.

Come and share your curved shower enclosure experience, or if you have any questions, we also happy to answer them for you. Every time you upgrade your bathroom, we want to be the one who helps you light up your ideas!

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