Custom shower screens

The custom shower screen can be installed directly on the bathroom floor or on the bathtub. Its function is to partition your bathroom and realize the separation of dry and wet. This better protects other areas of the bathroom, such as toilets, washbasins, etc., prevents water from splashing out, and keeps the bathroom tidy.

The shower screens of APHROSHOWER.COM are all made of safe tempered glass, the glass thickness varies from 4 mm to 10 mm, and the glass color is transparent or opaque, such as frosted glass, spray-painted glass, etc. Although these opaque glass cost is high, but it has good privacy and aesthetics. If your budget is sufficient, you can consider installing such a shower screen.

 Custom shower screens are available with and without frames, either over the bathtub or on the bathroom floor. Specifically, there are the following styles:

Fixed shower screen: This kind of shower screen is usually installed on the fixed wall of the shower room or on the bathtub. It is composed of one or two pieces of tempered glass. It does not have movable functions and users can directly enter it.

Sliding shower screen: This kind of shower screen can be pushed and pulled left and right, and can be moved at one time, or both pieces of glass can be moved. There is a set of pulleys to help the glass slide smoothly.

Pivoting shower screen: This shower screen can be rotated along a fixed axis to achieve the effect of opening and closing. Suitable for installation in smaller shower enclosures, but requires plenty of room for turning.

 One of the advantages of the custom shower screen is that no matter the size of your bathroom, you can custom it according to the size of your bathroom, so that it perfectly matches the bathroom space, beautiful and practical.

5 notices before customizing your shower screen:

  1. Size of the bathroom: choose the layout that suits your own bathroom, and choose full-frame or thin-frame series products based on your own preferences.

Large spaces can be considered from the perspective of comfortable and loose showers, and small spaces with multiple options can be To make full use of the area, you can choose a sliding door design and an inward opening design to make full use of the space.

2. Size of the shower screen: For a square bathroom, it is best to make a fan-shaped screen. The size is best to meet a radian of 900X900MM. For a rectangular bathroom, it is best to have one side with a width of 800MM, so that when we adults take a bath To have enough space.

3. Floor drainer: We make a screen to separate the wet and dry of the bathroom, so at least two floor drains are needed, one for the wet area and one for the dry area, and try to keep them separated.

In addition, if our bathroom is very large, it is best to have two slopes, and it is better to have separate slopes for the dry and wet areas.

4. When choose the water-proof strips: If the screen you choose needs to be installed with water-retaining strips, it is best to do it when laying floor tiles, because our bathroom needs to be sloped.

If we do water-retaining strips later, we need to apply glass glue or sealant to remove them. Glue it, so there will be gaps, because it is often soaked in water, even the best glue will have problems.

5.Preparation: Before installing the shower screen in the bathroom, floor and wall tiles should be laid first, and then the screen should be customized according to the actual size.

Before laying bricks, the location of the drain pipe and floor drain should be considered, and waterproof facilities should be prepared.

2 situations that shower screens are not suitable:

1.If the children in the family are very young, or if the dry area is relatively small, it is not suitable to choose a screen, because the child needs a bathtub for bathing, which will occupy a certain amount of space. If you install a screen under such circumstances, it will be very unsuitable. We need to pay attention this problem.

2. If you or other people who are responsible for cleaning are lazy, it is not suitable to choose a screen, because we use shampoo or shower gel when we take a shower, and these things will splash on the shower screen and there will be water stains , so we have to take care of it frequently. If you don’t like to take care of it, it will look uncomfortable, so you need to pay attention to choosing a screen in this case.

But don’t worry, our also has other styles of products that are very suitable for you, please browse our product page to choose the one that suits you, or email your needs to, our dedicated staff Will advise you more.

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