How to choose a suitable bathtub?

The bathtub is very commonly used in daily life, and its status is indispensable whether it is in the hotel or in the family.

For hotels, they generally choose a simple and generous built-in acrylic bathtub according to the size of the bathroom itself.

Home is a warm habitat for everyone, so how can you choose a bathtub that suits you and your family? Here i introduce some choices from the following aspects:

If you are preparing a bathtub for a baby who is just born or a few months old, then a plastic bathtub-type tub is very suitable, the price is very low, it is easy to use, and can be used as a laundry tub when your baby grows up.

For a slightly older child, the bathtub is very suitable. Put an appropriate amount of water. The child can play in the water while the adult helps to bathe. Put little toys in to ensure that you can get along in harmony during the bathing process and there will not be some fuss situations. This kind of bathtub is preferably a simple acrylic bathtub. You can choose either a FREESTANDING bathtub or a built-in bathtub. You can choose a suitable shape according to the size of your bathroom, generally it can be fan-shaped or square-shaped bathtubs.

freestanding acrylic bathtub

This acrylic bathtub is easy to install and disassemble, easy to clean and easy to maintain.

For office workers or people who often bow their heads, the jacuzzi or said massage bathtub or whirlpool bathtub is the first choice. There are hydromassage jets in the bathtub. Through the movement of the water pump, the spray nozzle on the inner wall of the bathtub sprays water mixed with air, causing the circulation of the water, which will massage the human body. As long as the bathtub is filled with the right amount of water, it can operate self-sufficiently. This whirling water massages the toiling body, which can make the body and mind feel comfortable, relaxed and happy.

The bathtubs produced by our APHRO have leakage protection. Although the voltage of the bathtub is not high when it is working, the leakage protection device has double insurance for it, so that you can only have a comfortable bathing time and no other worries.

jacuzzi bathtub

The jacuzzi is available in single size and double size.

If this kind of jacuzzi is not powered on, it can be used as an ordinary bathtub, and with a suitable swimming ring this bathtub will be a small swimming pool for children.

Well, having said so much, would you have ideas to choose the right bathtub that suits you? If you still have any questions, you can directly contact for more detailed information.

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