How to quickly remove the fog in the bathroom after taking a bath

Taking a hot bath in winter is warm and comfortable, but after taking a bath, especially in winter, you feel like you are in a fairyland, but this “wonderland” does not make you feel very comfortable. If there is too much fog, it will make people feel suffocated.

To get rid of this “fog”, let’s first understand the formation of fog:

The cause of fog

 The so-called mist is small water droplets floating in the air. Due to the higher temperature and better ventilation, the relative humidity in the bathroom in summer is lower than that in winter, so the moisture absorption capacity is stronger than that in winter, and it is not easy to form misty water droplets. Not as foggy as in winter.

 How to solve the fog after bathing?

1.If you want to quickly remove the fog in the bathroom after taking a bath in an ordinary bathroom, it is recommended to open the doors and windows in the bathroom to ventilate quickly, so that the fog in the bathroom can exchange gas with the cold air in the room, allowing the bathroom to faster the air circulation, the faster the humidity can be reduced, which can play a role in removing fog.

2. For bathrooms without windows, you can choose to install an exhaust fan, which can also discharge water vapor. Or turn on the exhaust function of bathroom master. When taking a bath in winter, you can turn on the exhaust function in the bathroom, so that the water vapor generated during the bath can be discharged in time, and the water vapor in the bathroom will not be too large after taking a bath.

3.You can choose to use a shower room with an exhaust fan, so that you can not only enjoy the bathing process, but also discharge the mist in time.

 Installing this kind of shower room can also play the role of dry and wet separation. Keep your bathroom beautiful and comfortable to the greatest extent without affecting other parts of the bathroom.

4.Use a desiccant. You can put a little desiccant in the bathroom, which can also play a certain role in dehumidification, which helps to reduce the excessive moisture in the bathroom, or you can apply a layer of detergent or glass water on the glass, which is also contained in the glass water solution Desiccant ingredients. Or apply toothpaste on the glass, then apply it evenly with a rag and wipe it off, and it will not fog up in the shower within a day.

Do you also have other ways to solve this problem? Welcome to leave a massage.

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