Pivoting shower room VS sliding shower room, which one will be better?

The shower room effectively separates the washbasin, toilet and shower area, which reduces the cleaning burden and effectively reduces the risk of falling when the ground is wet after bathing. The modern shower room has a unique design, which is both beautiful and effective to achieve the effect of dry and wet separation, so it is welcomed by many consumers. According to the opening method, the shower room is divided into two types: pivoting door and sliding door. Which one is more suitable for your bathroom space?

Pivoting door shower room

Vertical hinged doors are divided into outward opening and inward opening. The outward-swinging door occupies the outside space of the shower enclosure, making it suitable for larger bathrooms.

When choosing to open outward, everyone should pay attention to determine whether they will touch the toilet or bathroom cabinet when opening the door, so as to avoid glass damage caused by collision; when choosing to open the door inward, the internal space of the shower room should not be too small, so that people can enter the shower room. There is enough space to avoid the trajectory of the door’s movement.

The pivoting door shower room has a strong overall sense of space and good permeability. The traditional opening style adapts to traditional living habits and is easy to clean. But it is not suitable for small bathrooms, and it is easy to touch the sanitary ware next to it when switching.

Sliding door shower room

Compared with pivoting doors, sliding doors take up less space and are more suitable for families with small bathrooms. However, sliding doors are used more frequently, and the quality of the slide rails is very important. If the sliding is not smooth, it is easy to cause damage to the glass door.

The sliding door shower room can open left and right, and does not occupy indoor and outdoor space, but the transparency is not as good as that of the sliding door shower room.
If the bathroom area is large enough, it is recommended to choose a pivoting door shower room. If you want to use the bathroom space flexibly, you can also consider choosing a shower room with a sliding door. Of course, the final decision depends on the actual situation of the bathroom.

Tips for choosing pivoting door or sliding door shower room:

1.Sliding doors are divided into hanging rails and ground rails, so if you choose hanging rails, you must carefully consider the load-bearing capacity of the hanging rails. Because the load-bearing requirement of the hanging rail is much higher than that of the ground rail, it is necessary to choose the hardware accessories carefully.

Generally speaking, the shower room chooses to install the floor rail, but the track of the floor rail is installed on the ground, which means that it will become a stumbling block for walking, and it will also be hindered when cleaning.

2. In terms of space area, if the bathroom has a larger area, then it is recommended to use a pivoting door; for a smaller bathroom, sliding doors and screens are also good choices. Pivoting doors can play a greater role in large-area bathrooms.

First of all, you don’t have to worry about the choice of hardware accessories, the load-bearing capacity of the hanging rails, and you don’t have to worry about stumbling blocks when walking. Compared with sliding door shower rooms, it is a more good choice.

3. When conditions permit, it is better to choose a pivoting door. This is the most important reason: families with old people and children are easy to trip. The safety of the family is always the first priority.

Families with the elderly and children are more recommended to use a shower room with a pivot door, which can avoid accidents and reduce the possibility of injury.

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