Various shower door handles

The handle is the main accessory on the glass door of shower cabins, shower enclosures and shower screens, it can better facilitate the opening and closing of the shower door.

The main materials of the shower room door handles are ABS, stainless steel, zinc alloy and so on. It has many shapes and sizes.

Different styles of shower rooms are equipped with different handles, because the size and shape of the handle not only affect the beauty of the shower room, but also the overall safety. If the size of the shower room door handle is too large, it is easy to be touched and make us inconvenience; if the size is too small, it will affect the use. In addition, the shower room is an equipment that is used every day in life, and its handle is still a consumable item, so choosing the right material and size of the door handle has a lot to do with the performance of the shower room itself and our daily life.

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How to choose shower door handles

In terms of styles, there are mainly single-hole handles and double-hole handles.

As long as the size of the handle is appropriate, no matter whether you choose a single-hole handle or a double-hole handle for the shower cabins, it will have no effect on the use process, and you can choose according to personal preference.

In terms of shapes:

For shower enclosures: Because the shower enclosure is relatively simple, the size is generally 80X80X195CM and 90X90X195CM, so you should choose the smallest possible handle. Generally, a single-hole handle is more suitable. If you choose a double-hole handle, the hole spacing should be as small as possible, the general hole spacing Around 14CM will do.

For shower cabins : Because the shower room has more relative functions and is more luxurious. Generally, double-hole handles are more suitable, which looks more matching. And the size of the shower cabin is relatively large, so when choosing the handle, you can choose the appropriate handle size according to the size of the door glasses.

For shower screens :The size of the shower screen is relatively large, and the glass is relatively thick, so we have to choose a double-hole handle with a large hole spacing, which is beautiful and generous, powerful, safe and durable.

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