Shower room

The shower room is loved by users because it can separate dry and wet, save space, and keep warm.

According to the structure of the shower room, it can be divided into whole shower cabins, shower enclosures, steam shower rooms, shower screens, shower cubicles, etc.

The shower cabins usually refers to a shower room with a roof and basin. The functions inside are quite complete. The most basic functions are faucets and showers, and some have multiple functions such as a computer control panel, a shelf, and a top shower.

The size varies from 800×800mm to 1500x1500mm, and there are also the overall method of rectangular parallelepiped such as 800x1200mm. Among them, 900×900 and 1000×1000mm are more suitable for home use. The frame is mostly made of aluminum alloy, and the outer layer will be satin silver finished, polished silver finished or chrome finished, which is not corroded and rusty. The tempered glass doors have many patterns or colors of glasses, such as clear glass, fabric glass, frost glass, matt glass, grey color, blue color, green color.

These tempered glass door and chrome-plated handle for easy access. The luxurious shower room is controlled by computer, with surfing, back massage, steam generator, waterfall faucet, bath mirror, etc., as well as lighting, music and other functions.


The shower room has various shapes. There are square, rectangular, round, fan-shaped, etc. There are also various types of doors, such as side-by-side doors, sliding doors, folding doors, hinged doors, three sliding doors, etc.


A shower unit, it usually have 4 packages, one package is shower tray and roof, the others are glass door, back glasses, central panel.

In order to save space, most purchasers will ask shower cabin suppliers use bulk package, the shower trays, especially the shower cabin with high shower tray will be packed in bulk(one basin is superimposed on another basin, like the followed photo)

No matter use which package way, you will receive a whole shower cabin unit.

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