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The shower screen is a product gradually evolved from the shower enclosure or shower cabin. It includes the multifunctional shower of them, but also gets rid of the shortcomings of the shower room, which is complicated to install, bulky and takes up space. The shower screen can be placed directly on the bathroom floor or on the bathtub.

Shower screens’ gallery

It is an ideal product for modern small residential bathrooms.
Imagine waking up in the morning, walking into the bathroom, and being greeted by a beautifully designed shower screen – this is not only a kind of enjoyment, but also a reflection of a life attitude.

As an indispensable part of modern bathroom design, the shower screen not only provides privacy protection, but also beautifies the space, separates the wet area, and adds practicality and artistic sense to your bathroom space.

Usually the shower screen is decorated in a corner of the bathroom. It has two components. The outer part is a glass partition made of glass, and the inner part is the shower equipment. The bottom is sealed with a waterproof material to ensure the dryness and cleanliness of the bathroom. The internal shower equipment includes waterfalls, top sprays, back sprays, handheld showers, etc.

The shower screen is improved from the shower room, but the shower screen has abandoned the bulky and complicated defects of the shower room, giving people a better bathing experience.

Advantages and disadvantages of shower screen

The advantages of shower screens are very intuitive, and there are four points in general. The first is that the shower screen is an independent bathing space. As we all know, an independent bathing space is very important in the family. If there is no independent shower room, the bathroom will definitely be full of water stains after taking a shower.

Secondly, the shower screen saves a lot of space, which is more advantageous in small-sized families. A fully functional bathroom can be created in just one corner, which is really attractive.

In addition to the spatial advantages, shower screens also have practical advantages. The third advantage is that shower screens are fully functional. They not only have various types of shower heads, but also temperature displays. Compared with ordinary shower heads, shower screens greatly improve the family’s bathing experience.

The last advantage of shower screens is heat preservation. Especially in cold winter weather, shower screens can ensure that heat will not be lost, and the closed and independent bathing space makes people more comfortable.

Shower screens come in a variety of styles and forms. From fully transparent to frosted, from sliding doors to fixed partitions, and even foldable or curved designs, there is everything.

Consider the size of your shower room and your own preferences, and choose a style that coordinates with the decoration style of your bathroom.

Now, are you eager to choose a perfect shower screen to add a touch of beauty to your home? Maybe you already have a favorite brand or style, or you are still confused about how to choose? In either case, please continue to share with us, we are happy to help you answer one by one and work together to create the perfect bathroom in your mind.

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