Which is better, bathtub or shower room?

Lying in the bathtub and soaking in a comfortable hot bath can not only eliminate fatigue but also relax the mind. It is really a good enjoyment for people who have been busy in the city for a day. But this depends on your actual situation. Bathtubs and shower rooms are common bathing devices in modern homes, and both have their own advantages and disadvantages. The comfort of the bathtub is very good, but the shower room is more convenient and economical.

My name is L, and I am a typical post-80s generation. What I pursue is a personalized, fashionable and simple lifestyle. I bought a 90-square-meter house in Hangzhou,China and renovated it. Now the new home has entered the installation stage. The bathroom is too small, so the designer suggested that I give up the bathtub and choose a shower room. But I thought it would be nice to live alone, and go to work all day, and then go home and soak in a comfortable hot bath, so I finally decided to choose a bathtub.

 The house was finally renovated, and I lived in the new home as I wished, and I also took a hot bath as I wished. But the good times didn’t last long, and after a long time, I found many inconveniences in the bathtub. The bathroom is only 8 square meters, and the bathtub takes up a lot of space. There are also washstands, toilets, washing machines, etc. The bathroom is extremely crowded. Whenever it’s time to wash, I feel irritable when I see the crowded bathroom.

 The thing that left me speechless the most was the bathtub. I thought it was good at the beginning, but the reality is another situation. Due to the busy work, I feel a little exhausted every time I go home. I always want to take a shower and go to bed. However, since the bathtub is installed, it needs to be scrubbed beforehand and cleaned afterwards. It is too troublesome to use and consumes water. Power consumption, heating a tank of water can only wash one person. Anyway, it’s not as perfect as I thought.

 At the beginning of the installation, the staff of the decoration company once suggested that it is convenient and labor-saving to install the shower room. However, due to my single-minded behavior, Ru Ling was in such an embarrassing situation. Petty bourgeoisie did not enjoy life, but enjoyed a lot of trouble.

 The crystallization of modern technology and inspiration art allows different modern people to have a bathing culture with strong self-color. The development speed of shower room and bathtub is astonishing, which provides a simple and efficient bathing method for fashionable men and women who are time-strapped and picky about life. In fact, whether to install a bathtub or a shower room, you can’t just rely on your own imagination, but also depends on whether it conforms to your future living habits.

 As people’s requirements for bathroom equipment are getting higher and higher, showering is not only a form of keeping the body clean, but also a kind of spiritual enjoyment. Therefore, many families want an independent bathing space. At present, the shower room is still the first choice for most families. Whether it is a modern white-collar worker with a fast pace of life, or a big family with three generations under the same roof, it is more convenient and hygienic to use it for showering.

 What are the advantages and disadvantages of bathtub and shower room?

(1) shower rooms


 Advantages: fast rhythm, relatively water-saving, relatively cheap price, due to the relatively airtight space in spring and autumn, the body temperature will be higher; some integral showers also have massage or more additional functions.

 Disadvantages: pure pragmatism, no emotion at all; higher requirements for ground waterproofing; unqualified glass is easy to “explode”, so you must choose a tempered glass shower room.

 Suitable for the crowd: office workers and other families with a fast pace of life; small-sized families.

 (2) bathtubs

 Advantages: more petty bourgeoisie; more comfortable; can stand and lie down; some bathtubs have massage or more additional functions.

 Disadvantages: larger size, occupying space; more expensive; water and time-consuming; not suitable for families with a large population.

 Suitable for the crowd: petty bourgeoisie and single nobles and other people who pay attention to the quality of life; families with large bathrooms or with multiple bathrooms.

 Water massage bathtubs appeared in the 1970s, and after the 1980s, bubble massage functions, water temperature self-heating functions, self-cleaning water circulation functions, automatic sterilization functions, incense functions, etc., and ultrasonic waves that only appeared in recent years Massage function, light color therapy function. For a person who pays attention to fully enjoying life, lying lazily in such a powerful bathtub is indeed a noble enjoyment.

When you are decorating the bathroom, will you choose a shower room or a bathtub? Welcome leave a massage or email to info@aphroshower.com.

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